10 Powerful Ways to Have a Be-Do-Have Mindset

10 Powerful Ways to Have a Be-Do-Have Mindset

There’s a popular saying, “You are what you think,” which essentially summarizes the Be-Do-Have mindset. The Be-Do-Have mindset is often used in personal development and coaching. It suggests that to have what you want (Have), you first need to do what’s necessary (Do), but most importantly, you must first embody or become the type of person who would naturally do those things (Be).

In this model, the “Be” component refers to your identity or character – the qualities, traits, and values you embody. The “Do” component refers to the actions you take based on that identity. The “Have” component refers to the results or outcomes that come as a result of your actions.

For example, if you want to have a successful business (Have), you need to do the tasks that successful business owners do (Do). Still, before that, you need to be a person with the traits of successful business owners, like being disciplined, persistent, and visionary (Be). This approach encourages you to start from the inside out – focusing on personal growth and character development first, leading to effective actions and desired outcomes.

This is the opposite of the conventional approach where people focus on having in hopes that it will allow them to do what they want, which in turn will make them happy or fulfilled; the Be-Do-Have model suggests that fulfillment comes from being who we truly wish to be.

It’s important to note that the Be-Do-Have mindset is not a quick fix. It requires self-reflection and often significant personal change. However, it has been argued that it’s a more sustainable way to achieve goals and overall satisfaction.

Here are some steps you can take to live with this mindset, transforming your life deeply and meaningfully.

1. Be Intentional with Your Thoughts

Every action, emotion, and result begins in your mind. If your thoughts are scattered and unfocused, your actions will likely be the same. Begin your Be-Do-Have journey by grounding your thoughts with intention. Mindfulness and meditation are excellent tools for bringing a sense of purpose to your thinking.

2. Do Align Your Actions with Your Desires

Once your mind is in the game, it’s time to step into action, representing the reality you want to create. This requires a deep, honest look at your current behaviors and actively acting in a way that aligns with your desired future. If health is a goal, plan your fitness routine; if it’s money, enhance your financial knowledge. Every action should support your ‘Being’ and desired ‘Having.’

3. Have Confidence in Your Authenticity

The Be-Do-Have model is infused with authenticity. It’s not about copying someone else’s goals or paths. Build the confidence to be yourself and trust that the actions and results that come from your unique place of ‘Being’ are exactly what’s meant for you. This self-belief will radiate the energy that attracts the right opportunities and people into your life.

4. Be Grateful for What You Have

The path to the Be-Do-Have mindset is paved with gratitude. You shift your energy toward abundance and positivity by expressing thanks for what you already ‘Have.’ This shift is crucial, for it’s from a space of plenty that you can most effectively choose what to ‘Be’ and ‘Do’ to achieve your desired life.

5. Do Educate Yourself Continuously

Continuous education is your ally in a Be-Do-Have world. It enables you to understand better what you want to be and provides the tools for what you need to do. This education could be books, podcasts, courses, mentors, or anything that expands your understanding and skill set. The more you learn, the more you may align your actions with your authentic ‘Being.’

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6. Have Clear Goals and Visions

Doubtfulness is the enemy of effective action. It’s hard to align your actions when uncertain about what you want. Spend time defining clear, realistic yet ambitious, and specific goals. Visualize these goals daily, feel what it would be like to ‘Have’ your desired outcome, and watch as your actions naturally shift toward them.

7. Be Mindful of Your Environment

The environment of your ‘Be’ significantly influences what you ‘Do’ and what you ‘Have.’ Whether  it is your workplace, home, or social circles, ensure that your surroundings encourage and support the mindset and actions that lead to your desired ‘Having.’ Minimalism, cleanliness, and positive relationships are great places to start shaping a favorable environment.

8. Do Set Daily, Actionable Intentions

Big, long-term goals are important, but they can be overwhelming without clear, straightforward daily actions. Set small, achievable intentions daily as stepping stones toward your larger vision. These micro-wins build momentum, keep you focused, and give you a sense of achievement vital for sustaining your long-term goals.

9. Have Patience and Persistence

The conducive mindset is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. Results will not appear overnight, but they will come to those who patiently and persistently maintain the integrity of their ‘Be’ and ‘Do.’ Understand that true transformation takes time, and keep consistently working towards your vision, adjusting your ‘Be’ and ‘Do’ as necessary.

10. Be Compassionate Towards Yourself

You will encounter setbacks; that’s life. Treat yourself with compassion when things don’t go as planned. This kindness helps you bounce back with determination. Self-love and acceptance are not just part of ‘Being’ but essential for the ‘Doing’ and ‘Having’ stages as well.

Final Thoughts - 10 Powerful Ways to Have a Be-Do-Have Mindset

As you can see, the Be-Do-Have mindset is much more than a simple formula for success. It’s a way of life, a way of being conscious and intentional about your choices and actions. By developing this mindset, you empower yourself to control your life and reach for your true desires and potential.

It’s not about material possessions or achievements; it’s about being the best version of yourself. By following these ten steps, you are setting yourself up for success in all areas of your life – personal, professional, and spiritual.

So why wait? Start applying these principles in your life today, and watch as the Be-Do-Have mindset transforms your life and those around you. You already have everything you need within you; now it’s time to unleash it. Embrace the Be-Do-Have mindset and embrace your unique journey towards becoming the best version of yourself because that’s what truly matters.

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1 month ago

Im loving the idea of a Be-Do-Have journey. Mindset is so important for grounding thoughts and creating action!

2 months ago

Developing a mindset is very important and it is something that I work on because it help me to get things done. Greatpost!

2 months ago

I love this post & the be-do-have mindset! It’s so true that it requires change and self-reflection. While we should always believe in what we’re going after, we also have to put actions behind our thoughts/what we want out of life. Thanks for the helpful tips and reminders!

we all need to be grateful for what we have

2 months ago

loved that you mentioned making actions into desires. That is something I honestly think has made me a go getter. Great post.

2 months ago

This is the right mindset for success! 🙂

2 months ago

This mindset model is extremely beneficial when coaching clients on career or business matters, but it can also be applicable in making emotionally charged personal decisions. Great article!

2 months ago

Thank you for sharing. I like reframing it into that specific framework. Admittedly it can be pretty challenging to carry out sometimes, but it’s a great structure to fall back on!

2 months ago

Aligning our thoughts and actions is so powerful! I like how you broke down the Be-Do-Have mindset for us. Thanks for sharing this guide.

2 months ago

I love these tips! I’d never heard of the be do have mindset, but it’s so powerful! I love the tips on being compassionate with yourself, I definitely need to be better at implementing that.