7 Top Tips For Completing The 75 Hard Challenge

7 Top Tips For Completing The 75 Hard Challenge

Hey there! In this blog post, I’m sharing my top tips and personal experiences from completing the 75 Hard Challenge.

If you’re ready to transform into the best version of yourself, then keep on reading. Trust me, this challenging yet rewarding experience can be a game-changer.

Why do I say this? Well, because I completed the challenge as someone who was struggling with depression, binge eating, and social anxiety.

Let’s dive in and discover how to conquer the 75 Hard Challenge.

Rule #1. Stick to a diet of your choice

The first requirement of the 75 Hard Challenge is to stick to a diet of your choice. I followed my macros and found them to be easily doable for myself.

Some other examples are low-carb, keto, Whole30, Mediterranean, plant-based, etc. No cheat meals are allowed. Understanding your body’s nutritional needs and choosing a diet that works for you is important.

7 Top Tips For Completing The 75 Hard Challenge - Salad

Rule #2. No alcohol

The second requirement of the 75 Hard Challenge is no alcohol. I included non-alcoholic beer (Heiniken 0.0), club soda with lime, club soda with a splash of cran, and pineapple juice.

This may be difficult for some, especially while going out socially. I am not going to lie; I did have FOMO at times.

Rule #3. Perform two 45-minute long workouts per day

The third requirement of the 75 Hard Challenge is to perform two 45-minute long workouts per day, one indoor and one outdoor. I learned through the 75 Hard community that it is recommended to space workouts 3 hours apart.

Workouts don’t have to be high-intensity. Workouts I included were running, walking, strength training, yoga, and classes. It is important to listen to your body and adjust your workouts accordingly.

Rule #4. Drink a gallon of water a day

The fourth requirement of the 75 Hard Challenge is to drink a gallon of plain water daily. The bathroom will become your bestie.

I started drinking my gallon of water as soon as I woke up. I bought a gallon jug and refilled it each night. This helped me make sure I drank a gallon.

I had no issues finishing my water each day of the challenge. I excluded daily intake of other beverages except coffee. There are many opinions on the water part of the challenge. Listen to your body and do what is right for you.

Rule #5. Take a progress photo every day.

The fifth requirement of the 75 Hard Challenge is to take a progress photo every day. I did this as soon as I got up. You will find posts in the 75 Hard groups that people had to start over because they forgot to take the picture. I did not want to have that happen to me.

This requirement may seem tedious, but it is a great way to track your progress. It will let you see the changes in your body over time. My before and after was so surprising to me.

Rule #6. Read 10 pages of non-fiction self-development books each day

The sixth and final requirement of the 75 Hard Challenge is to read 10 pages of non-fiction self-development books each day. I enjoy reading and have learned so much from the books I have read.

Searching the Facebook group will give you a lot of results as well. Remember you have to finish the book you start, so choose wisely. Some of the books I read are listed in this post.

7 Top Tips For Completing The 75 Hard Challenge - Books

Tips for success from my 75 hard journey

Tip #1: Getting started

I recommend listening to the Andy Frisella podcast episode 208 and getting the 75 Hard book. Incorporating these will help with motivation and understanding the challenge. I recommend getting the app for your phone; this gave me a sense of accomplishment each day as I checked off my tasks.

Tip #2: Mental preparation for taking on the challenge

When I decided to take on this challenge, I knew I needed to mentally prepare myself for what was to come. I had to let go of any doubts and fears that lingered in my mind and focus on the present moment.

Imagining myself completing the challenge was critical. I would feel every emotion of joy and accomplishment. I also sought the support of my friends and family to keep me motivated and accountable throughout the journey.

Reminding myself that this challenge was not just about the end result but also growth and learning was also critical. With this mindset, I took a deep breath, embraced the uncertainty, and started the challenge with a positive attitude. It helped me conquer anything that came my way.

Tip #3: The importance of setting clear goals and creating a plan

Setting clear goals and creating a plan for 75 Hard was key to my success in this challenge. It’s not enough to say, “I want to complete this challenge.” You need to know exactly what you want to achieve and how you will get there. That clarity let me stay focused and motivated when the going got tough.

There were days when I didn’t feel like working out or sticking to my diet. The knowledge that each small step brought me closer to my goal gave me the strength to keep pushing forward.

If you’re considering taking on this challenge, I can’t stress enough how important it is to take the time to plan out your approach. You won’t regret it.

Tip #4: Strategies for incorporating daily workouts into a busy schedule

Incorporating daily workouts into your routine can be difficult. However, I’ve found that the key is prioritizing and scheduling in advance. Determine what time of day works best for you, and block off that time for your workouts.

Make it non-negotiable and treat it like an important meeting or appointment you can’t miss. Additionally, find ways to make your workouts enjoyable and something to look forward to.

This could be finding a workout buddy, trying new workouts or classes, or listening to your favorite music or podcast while you exercise.

Tip #5: Staying disciplined and motivated throughout the challenge

Starting a challenge can be exciting and motivating, but it’s easy to lose steam and settle into a lackluster routine midway through. The key to staying disciplined and motivated is to remember why you started in the first place.

Maybe you wanted to improve your health or prove to yourself that you could conquer a difficult task. Whatever your reason, keep it at the forefront of your mind as you move through the challenge. 

Looking through the Facebook group posts or listening to podcast episode 208 again will help you remember why you started.

It might not always be fun or easy, but the satisfaction that comes with completing something challenging is worth it. Just remember why you started and let that fuel your ambition.

7 Top Tips For Completing The 75 Hard Challenge - Discipline

Tip #6: The power of accountability and finding an accountability partner or group

As someone who has struggled with staying consistent in my fitness and wellness journey, I’ve learned that having an accountability partner or group can make all the difference.

That’s why I joined the 75 hard Facebook group and turned to Instagram for inspiration from other like-minded individuals. Not only do they help hold me accountable for sticking to my goals, but they also offer support and encouragement when things get tough.

We celebrate each other’s wins and lift each other up through the challenges. It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we have a team of people cheering us on and holding us accountable.

If you struggle to stay accountable in any aspect of your life, I highly recommend finding a group or partner to join forces with. You won’t regret it.

Tip #7: Reflections on completing the challenge and how it has transformed your mindset, body, and overall well-being

Completing this challenge has been a transformative journey, empowering my mindset and body. Not only have I noticed visible changes in my physical well-being, but I have also discovered a newfound inner strength that has helped me overcome obstacles in other areas of my life.

This challenge has taught me the importance of perseverance, dedication, and self-care. It has given me a sense of accomplishment that has spilled over into other aspects of my life, making me feel more confident and capable of taking on whatever challenges come my way.

My progress in this challenge has been life-changing, and I am excited to continue on this journey towards a healthier, happier me.

7 Top Tips For Completing The 75 Hard Challenge - Before and After


Now that you have learned everything about the 75 Hard Challenge and how it can change your life, what’s stopping you from taking on this ultimate challenge? Don’t let fear or doubts hold you back.

Embrace this journey with open arms and a determined mindset. The transformation you will experience at the end of these 75 days will be worth all the sweat, tears, and sacrifices. So don’t wait any longer; start your 75 Hard Challenge today and see the incredible changes it can bring to your mind, body, and soul.

Always stay focused, push through the tough moments, and celebrate every small victory along the way. And if you ever need motivation or support during this journey, know that a whole community is out there rooting for you.

Don’t forget to share your progress and connect with others on social media using #75HardChallenge. Are you ready to take on this challenge? Become your strongest self yet – mentally, physically, and emotionally.  

I hope you enjoyed this post, Unleash the Stronger You: My Tips for Completing the 75 Hard Challenge.

Good luck with your 75 Hard Challenge adventure!

Unleash the Stronger You: My Tips for Completing the 75 Hard Challenge
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3 months ago

Wow, this is impressive! I have never heard of the challenge, but I like your motivation and devotion. Well done!

3 months ago

I’m taking it one step at a time but getting there. Thanks for the ideas!

3 months ago

Wow! I’ve never read of this! I’m amazed at your ability to stay committed. It would definitely be hard.

3 months ago

Wow this is hardcore! I’ve never heard of this and I certainly need to look into this more – it sounds right up my street!

jimmy clare
3 months ago

great challenges to overcome

3 months ago

Wow! This is impressive! I have not heard of the 75 hard challenge…I am sharing this with my daughter who loves a good challenge. Also pinning…thanks for the wonderful tips!

3 months ago

Woo! I love a good challenge! I may start this next month as I typically complete a whole-body detox on the first day of Spring 😄good stuff!

3 months ago

I really needed this kind of motivation, thank you for this post